Directions to Get From Honolulu to Kailua

Getting Around Kailua

Kolea Estate is located in the town of Kailua on the island of Oahu. In the Hawaiian language Kailua means “two seas,” or “two currents,” a contraction of the words kai (meaning sea or sea water) and ʻelua (meaning two). It is so named because of the two lagoons in the district or the two currents which run through Kailua Bay.

Kailua is a place of much natural beauty. The most significant features of Kailua are the bay, the mountains, and the wetlands. Kailua Bay is a magnificent place symbolizing the regional quality of the community. Kailua Beach and nearby Lanikai have been on the “Worlds Best Beach” lists by several publishers for many years and is considered by most to be the most beautiful beach on earth.

By Car From Honolulu to Kailua

Take the H-1 to Pali Highway (route 61), and follow the Pali through the mountains about 12 miles into Kailua town. The road name on route 61 changes twice: once after Castle Junction (Kamehameha Hwy., route 83) to Kalanianiole Highway, then again after Castle Hospital to Kailua Road. Don’t let this confuse you.

By Car From the North Shore/Kaneohe

Take Kamehameha Highway (route 83) west to the Kaneohe Bay Drive & Kamehameha Highway intersection. Take the left turn at the intersection to get onto Kaneohe Bay Drive. Keep going straight as you go over the hill (turns into Mokapu Saddle Road, which becomes Mokapu Blvd.). Take a right turn at the Mokapu Blvd. and Oneawa Street intersection (2nd intersection after the overpass) and keep going straight for about a mile; as this will lead you into Kailua Town.

Bus From Honolulu to Kailua

From Honolulu: Take TheBus route 56 or 57 from the beach side city bus stop at Ala Moana Center into Kailua (to get to Ala Moana from Waikiki take route 8, 19, or 20). Wait for the 56 or 57 near the Windward 56/57 sign. One of these buses comes by about every 25 minutes. Travel time is approximately 35-50 minutes, the last bus returning to Honolulu is at about 9:30 p.m.

Bus Routes Throughout the Kailua District

  • 56 (Westbound: Kailua/Kaneohe) (Eastbound: Honolulu/Ala Moana or Downtown/Bishop Street)
    • This route is Ala Moana to & from Windward Mall. It uses Kailua Road, Oneawa Street, and Kaneohe Bay Drive as it’s main roads.
  • 57 (Westbound: Kailua/Sea Life Park, Kailua/Waimanalo, or Kailua/Keolu Drive) (Eastbound: Honolulu/Ala Moana or Downtown/Bishop Street)
    • Sea Life Park Route: This route uses Kailua Road, Keolu Drive, and Kalanianaole Highway.
    • Waimanalo Route: This route uses Kailua Road and Kalanianaole Highway.
    • Keolu Drive: This route uses Kailua Road and Keolu Drive.
  • 70 (Westbound: Kailua/MCBH/Maunawili) (Eastbound: Lanikai/Kailua Town)
    • 8AM-2PM: starts in Maunawili, goes through Kailua Town, circles on Mokapu Blvd (enters & exits Kaneohe Marine Corps Base), and loops route.
    • 2PM-7PM: starts at busstop on the corner of Hamakua Drive & Kailua Road, passes by Kailua Beach Park, circles around Lanikai, circles around Maunawili, and loops route.
Locals and tourists on the shores of Kailua Bay Hawaii

Tourists looking at waterfall Hawaii

Kailua at Night

Gated estate in Kailua with free parking.