America ended WWII as a WOW world leader, but our country may have remained a passive bystander if not for Japan’s decision to bomb Pearl Harbor. “One can search military history in vain for an operation more fatal to the aggressor,” according to historian Eliot Morison.

The decision to bomb Hawaii may be one of militaries biggest DUD decisions. The attack on Pearl Harbor failed to achieve a united Asia and Pacific region dominated by Japan. The plan backfired for the Japanese and ignited a patriotic nation with the resolve to avenge the aggressor.

The attack on Pearl Harbor united America with slogans such as, “Remember Pearl Harbor.” The pyrrhic victory at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese resulted in a war that eventually led to the destruction and defeat of the Japanese Empire.

When visiting the Arizona Memorial and other historical sights at Pearl Harbor you are reminded of numerous WOW and DUD decisions, leaders, and strategies.

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